Rave Toys

With all the various rave toys out there today, half the fun is in looking.  Seriously!  You should take your time to look both online and in person (if possible).  Prices for seriously cool rave toys start quite low.  I’ve seen rave wands for as low as a couple of buck.  A word of caution, it’s really easy to go overboard with the purchase of many, many small items that all add up to a huge bill.  Pre-plan your budget and shop with care.  And remember, you get what you pay for.  Yes, some rave toys can run upwards of $100.  I’m not suggesting that you splurge on one $100 toy, but maybe you’d be better to consider 2 or 3 quality toys costing between $10 and $20 as opposed to many cheap toys in the $2 or $3 range.  While you’re looking, don’t forget to check out my favourite rave toys—rave POI.